gta 5 how to make money online

Yo how's it going guys welcome back to another GTA 5 article. today we are going to talk about gta 5 how to make money online, as I'm sure you guys are aware, a few weeks ago, I did put together a article showing you guys, the top three best ways to make money in GTA 5 online and going up the feedback. A ton of you guys really enjoyed that article, as there was at least one method that all of you guys could grind out and earn a ton of money straight away.

However, truth be told some of the methods in that article have been changed or have been updated, so I thought go ahead and make an update version to that article.

So, as always, if you guys do enjoy the article or it does help you guys out in any way shape or form, all I ask is you guys, do return the favor by dropping a like down below and if you guys are new around here, feel free To subscribe, as I do, post daily, GTA 5 articles without further adieu, let's get into the article okay so coming in for the very first method and that's my B in this week's brand new time trial. Now, of course, you guys may be thinking time. Trials are hard they're not really worth the grind.

This week's time trial guys only 38 seconds long, so I guarantee the majority of you guys as long as you're a half-decent driver and you own any vehicle with decent speed. I guarantee the mature of you guys will smash this time trial straight out of park and if, for some reason, you guys really are struggling with this time, trial simply watch the route that I'm doing on screen.

Right now is that should save you guys a few vital seconds I just cut in a few corners and going across the stream at the right times, which will buy you guys a few vital seconds if you guys aren't able to get a fast vehicle now, we'll Say I've already showed you guys have to beat this week's time trial on a very, very cheap motorbike, the battie 801, which costs less than 20k, so I'll leave a link to that article down low. If you guys really have no money, that is the only bike you guys can't afford, however, coming in for the second best money making method and that's by grinding after your green award, gamemodes, which currently are offering you guys double money and double RP.

While these game modes are very fun and time will fly by while you guys are playing them, so it's probably good if you guys have a bunch of just to mix things up, but if you are playing solo or you're playing to friends and you're. Just looking to make pure money and just catch win after win, our would suggest playing deep flag wars, game mode and just simply using the motorbike every single time, as you guys can see on screen, I have literally not lost a single game on flag Wars by Using this method - and I've been grinding this since the release - I did let you guys know about this method a few weeks back, but I'm actually shocked to see.

Do you just still get a ton of players, thinking that the best thing to do is just use their custom cars and, as you guys can see, they have no way to stop you to scroll back and forth collecting the flag one after the other. So if you guys are gon na play any of these new game modes, I would definitely go for flag Wars, and if you guys aren't away, you can actually increase your payouts, so you guys are probably used to seeing $ 16,000 as a normal payout after you Win a single round so after four rounds you should begin $ 64,000.

However, after four rounds, as you guys can see on screen, I ended up receiving eighty eight thousand dollars and that's because I earned a winner's round bonus and to earn the winners round bonus. All you guys will have to do is wind around one. After the other see you can't win around and lose around when around. You will receive no bonus by doing that.

However, if you guys win two rounds in a row three rounds in a row all round, the bonus will continue to increase, which will equal, as you guys, can see, a very nice eighty, eight thousand dollars in roughly around 15 minutes or so. However, moving straight to the third best money, making method and that's by selling street vehicles and actually going to show you guys a trick that'll allow you guys to spawn in the most expensive street vehicle you guys can find, and that is the dub stir to gold And chrome additions you're doing it being a free run session, whilst you're doing this. So as you guys can see right here, I'm in a free run session. I wish my friend in the background, he's the one who's gon na register as an emcee.

He invites me to join his biker club, as you guys can see. I go ahead and accept it now as soon as you guys accept it. You want to get your friend who's, the MC president to make you his road cut in now, as you guys can see as soon as he makes you the road captain. All you have to do is pull up the interaction menu and you guys can now request the dub start, so simply go ahead and do so now, once you guys request a dub see should notice.

It comes in this very slick, looking matte black, which does look pretty nice. On my opinion, however, what you guys actually want to do once you're in the dark light, is make your way down towards the ls customs at the airport. I'M pretty sure 99.9 % of you guys know where this is already about we'll pull up in a second just to show you guys exactly where it is now, once you guys are in a dub style or you guys want to do is drive slowly towards the Ls customs: you want to make sure that you're never driving too fast when you're trying to spawn this stops.

gta 5 how to make money online

Tatooine, because you want to give it time to actually spawn in by the game itself very similar to the Sun King method or the sentinel XS. So, as you guys can see right here, it didn't spawn in for us. That'S because the third factor is it's only gon na spawn in between the times of nine o'clock and 2 o'clock, and that's two o'clock in the afternoon, so otherwise known as 1400 hours. So, between 9:00 and 1400 hours is when you guys want to take, adopts or two down to the LS customs.

That'S the reason why I pulled up my phone very quickly, as you guys can see just a double check that I was doing it during the right time now, this first method, I'm showing you guys driving from the city or the helipad towards LS customs. It does actually work, but it doesn't work as good as the new method that I've just found out. So, as you guys can see right here, this is the area that you do want to drive from if you're gon na be using. This first method, like I said this, one does still work, but it is very tedious and doesn't spawn in every time, so it could take a few attempts before you guys actually get your doctor to spawn in.

So I'm gon na fast forward this gameplay to save you guys time as like I said you do have to drive pretty slowly towards it to actually give it time to spawn in. As you guys can see, it was my second of time trying to spawn it in this method and it didn't work for me. So I went ahead and used my brain used. My initiative and I'm gon na show you guys how I actually got this warning straight away.
So what I actually went ahead and done is like got in the dumpster too, and I took it over to LS customs and they simply parked it right.

Next to the spot, where it meant to spawn in so to make this morning in this little alleyway just to the left of me, so as you guys can see right here, I just parked in front of that guy door. Now, once I passed off my dubstep right there, you want to go ahead and Rob an MPC car now from personal experience, when you're robbing an MPC car you're, always better off, trying to rob a four-door basic looking car like you can see on screen right now. Never try and Rob an MPC for like a flashy sports car type.

That'S was my personal experience from when I've tried to spawn this in. I'Ve always had a 100 % success rate when I've got these four-door coupe a style cars. Now, once you guys have got your MPC car simply Drive the way, I'm doing on-screen towards the airport and then simply drive back towards LS customs.

Now don't forget whilst you're doing this and must be between the times of a 9:00 and 2:00 o'clock, otherwise known as 900 hours and 1400 hours, as you guys can see here, I pull up my phone quickly just to show you guys it's ten o'clock, so only An hour into the time, gas that we've got perfect time and as you guys can see, and when I pull up the LS customs, remember not to be driving a max speed, just drive similar to how I'm doing on screen and as you guys can see.

Bang is easy as that I've spawned in a modded rare chrome substitue as soon as you guys get that bitch take it straight into LS customs and from here you guys want to whack an insurance on it. This part is very important as soon as you guys get this car make sure you like a full coverage over it. In case someone comes over to you and blows you up and you're gon na have to do that whole process. Again, cuz, I'm not gon na lie this first part of you guys spawning it in, for the first time is the longest part of the whole process.

Once you guys have got yourself, one dub stir to the rest of the method is a walk in the park and it's all to 100 % solo, which I know a ton of you guys are going to love. But another great thing about this method is not only is it 100 % solo that you guys can go ahead and stack some serious cash with you guys can also go ahead and spawn these in for your friends, and I'm also going to prove hard to do So, however, there is a one more thing that we do have to take care of, because right now this would be a good method being able to spawn these in free roam, but to not really unlimited. If you can only do it between 9 a.m.
and 2 p.m. however, what you guys want to do to get around this is simply press Start go across the online select play job Rockstar created, and you guys want to choose one of three different missions. The first mission you guys can choose is called time to get away.

One is called denial of service and the third one is called chopper tale all through these missions. You guys can do - and I will prove this to you in this article - that I do it. Also on a different mission, however, the reason we actually want to go ahead and start one of these missions up is because the clock or the time in these missions is stuck at 12 o'clock. It will not go one minute past twelve or one minute on the twelve o'clock is literally stuck at twelve continually for the entire mission, which means you guys can sworn in as many dubs tutus as you want, whilst playing this mission.

So, firstly, I'm going to assume the majority of you guys. Plane will want to do this with a friend, so you can both just continually spawn one in for each other and then after that, I'll show you guys how it works. It just is easy doing it. Solo by yourself, so once you guys are in the mission, you simply want to get inside the car and go ahead and park it where you parked it in free roam just near the gate, just as I do on screen should be fine.

Now, once you guys passed off your car simply go out the car go ahead, rub any MPC car, it doesn't have to be a four-door car. I would just suggest it isn't a flashy sports type car as I've had the worst success with those type of cars. Now, as I promised you guys earlier on in the article, you don't have to park up the table so to de-spawn these in, if it's not working for you, for whatever reason you guys can simply just get inside the table, stitute with your friend as you guys Can see on screen and simply just run the route that I was showing you guys that done in free roam and it should spawn in it just as easily for you or your friend to go ahead and take so this time when I was spawning it in. It'S quite important when you're in the mission to not be looking in the area where it's gon na spawn, so as you guys can see, I was holding my right analog stick downwards, so it gave me an almost bird's-eye view of my dub start.

gta 5 how to make money online

So there was no way of me looking at LS customs to show rockstar games spawning it in for me. So, as you can see here, I'm approaching LS customs got the bird's-eye view and I maintain in a very slow speed, just giving Rockstar Games plenty of plan to spawn it in because, like I said they do flash a few times when Rockstar Games spawn in the Car - and they don't want you guys to see this happening because they do want the game to feel realistic and if you just saw a bunch of cars around the map always spawning in at random times, half fake with the game feel.

So there is good reason why Rockstar Games make you do it this way and, like I said, if you're going to do if a friend in the same session make sure he's far away from the area like we've done this time or he's actually in the car. With you, so at this time that I spawned it in my friend was actually going to check that space in his garage to store this Lobster in that's the reason why I'm gon na she just sitting next to this table, still waiting for him to come and Collect it now soon, as your friend arrives, you want to get him to go ahead, get inside the table stir.

Obviously, you guys can't access Ellis customs like earlier on in free roam, so what he wants to do is get in the job site and peek over to any of his own garages or apartment. So when he now backs out at the mission goes over to his garage, he can just go into passive mode. Take the dubstep out of his carriage and go and whack in insurance on it, and he cannot do this by himself 100 % solo. Now it is worth mentioning the odd few times rockstar games will spawn in some other customized vehicles, which I'm not gon na lie.

Do you look pretty sick, especially that rapid GT? I might try and recreate that paint job in a future article. However, the last piece of gameplay, I'm gon na, show you guys now is me doing this as of today, 100 % Solo in a different mission, as you guys can see right here, I've got my biker clothes on. I'M not gon na cut any bit of this footage, I'm just gon na fast forward it to save you guys time just approved. So I know there's a lot of skeptical people out there and I don't blame you guys, because there is a lot of scummy and fake shit that goes on in the GTA v community.gta 5 how to make money online.

So it's only right that you guys do question a lot of the stuff that these guys do put out, especially those fucking, fake giveaways. If you guys aren't aware all the GTA 5 youtubers who are supposed to be doing giveaways, if you type in their names or their YouTube blog names and then type next to it, giveaway exposed because we're like tons of articles of all these guys, exposing them for Fake giveaways, however, we're not here to talk about the concerned community, we're here to show you guys that there's porn in these red officer twos this time as you guys can see right here, I'm doing denial of service. So it also does work in this mission right here. However, I do prefer a chopper tail and a time to get away because they don't actually have any timers in the bottom right, as you guys can see in this mission right here, you do have a ten minute countdown timer.

However, if you guys go ahead and blow up three of the trucks, then that timer will stop as soon as you guys got on the final truck. So as you guys can see the first time it didn't spawn in for me cuz, I was going too fast. So another trick you guys can try and do so when you're driving slow is come to a full stop on the path closest to it. So, as you guys can see here, I ended up coming to a full.

Stop just give him rockstar games and a little bit of time to spawn it in, for me, drive forward a little bit more and then come to a full stop again, it's just in case they didn't spawn it in now. They'Ve got no excuses. They'Re definitely gon na spawn it in. For me, don't forget to try and not look at LS customs as you're driving towards it and then bang you guys should have a fresh new dub.

So waiting for you parked up. All you have to do is hop straight in that and then take it over to any of your closest carriages or apartments. Now another massive tip, I'm going to give you guys, is there's actually a ten-car garage right behind the LS customs at the airport, which should take you guys about 15 to 20 seconds to get from the LS customs to that one. But even if you guys don't own that 10 car garage or you don't want to buy it, the one at the airport - as you guys, can see right here - there's a ton of other apartments, literally within the one-mile radius of the way you guys spawn this.

In so all you guys have to do is just keep repeating the process as much as you want and then go ahead and sell one of these cars every 40 minutes or so in free roam. Whilst you guys are doing some MC work, so the vehicle warehouse or even just doing some free run work or even if you guys, are grinding out contact missions after every few contact missions. When you head back into free roam, you can just call up your mechanic and get your Dobler delivered to you and there's been making easy money consistently for at the next few weeks. I'M not gon na lie.

Definitely one of my favorite methods to grind out, because all you have to do is do work for like half an hour fill up your garage and you're gon na consistently have money coming into your account from literally doing nothing and I'm pretty sure the majority. If you guys are already aware, but if you guys aren't aware every time you saw one of these cars, you're gon na be receiving an insane twenty three thousand dollars for every single car. It is worth mentioning. The gold version does sell for slightly a bit more but, like I said, you're getting over twenty 3k per vehicle.

So, let's say on average, takes about 20 minutes to half an hour to fill up your 10 car garage. You guys would be earning around quarter of a million per carriage every time you do this, which is just insane for such an easy and straightforward method that any of you guys can do straightaway. So don't forget to leave a comment down below find another player to do this with and then once you both have your table stirs, you can go ahead and do it one two percent solo every single time. However, moving into the fourth and final method in this article and that's by making the most amount of money after contact missions, now recently, I did put together a article showing you guys by far the top three fastest Payne missions.

So I'm not gon na go ahead and show you guys three missions in this article instead I'll leave a link to that article download in the article bye instead in this article I'll cover. The one mission I think overall is the best when it comes to how long it takes to do the final pair you get and how easy it is. However, that's gon na do it for me guys the top three best money, making methods that all of you guys should definitely be making the most of as of right. Now and like I said, if you guys do, need some other players to play: GTA 5 online.

Maybe you don't have that many friends that do play the game do be sure, definitely to leave a comment down below with your gamertag or your PSN. Like I said what region you live in and whether or not you've got Mike a certain players only like to play of other players who I've got Mike's nonetheless, that's gon na. Do it for me guys, as always, if you guys do enjoy these articles, and you would like to see me cover more epic money and RP guides in the future. All they ask, is you guys do return the favor by dropping a like down below and if you guys are new around here feel free to subscribe, as I do post daily, GTA, 5 and right there, too, articles and I'll see you guys in my next article Peace, 

Best Fitness Trackers For Cycling

Hello guys in today's article we're gonna check out the top 5 best fitness trackers for cycling. I made this list based on my personal opinion, and I try to list them based on their price-quality durability and more to find out more information about these fitness trackers, you can check out the article below.

best fitness trackers for cycling

5. HUAWEI Honor Band 4 ( See Price )

It's the Huawei honor band for fitness. Trackers are amazing tools to keep stats and to monitor our fitness activities such as running weightlifting, cycling and many more.

However, with recent trends, there have been a countless number of models you can choose from and it's become pretty difficult to choose the best one for you for the budget-conscious user that wants to get the most bang for their buck. I would recommend the Huawei honor band full with it's great screen: futuristic, design, amazing battery life and tons of other features that have come in handy in your fitness journey. The Huawei honor band 4 has the classic fitness tracker design with its silicon straps that are available in pink, blue and black, and its portrait display that's about an inch wide with a cutting edge, beautiful OLED panel featuring and amazing contrast. I liked how the bands attached to the body of the device with solid clips on each side, giving the device a premium feel not something it's price would suggest.

On top of all this, the Huawei honor band 4 is extremely comfortable to wear due to its lightweight and tight fit. The display of advice is OLED, as I mentioned, and has a resolution of 2041 20 pixels. It shows excellent detail and colors. Despite being a fitness tracker, it has a very durable display with hardened glass and 2.D curved edges,

so you don't have to worry about occasional bumps to the table or the wall. The interface of the device is extremely clean and intuitive to use you swipe, left or right to see the three home screens and up or down to see messages from your phone or the activity tracker on the back of the device. There'S a heart rate sensor, which can be active at all times or just when you're doing an activity. The run tracking feature is pretty good, as it shows you accurately all the stats that are needed for the purpose, combined with its battery life of about 14 days.

With moderate use and it's excellent set of features, you'll fall in love with the Huawei honor band fall.

4. Fitbit Charge 3  ( See Price )

The Fitbit charge 3 is a great fitness tracker that has a large number of features. That'Ll be handy for fitness tracking.

In everyday use the perfect tool for health-conscious people, this is a worthy upgrade and refinement to the already good charge to delivering a large, responsive, touchscreen, perfect, waterproofing, wide range of activity, tracking and many more desirable qualities that should be on a fitness tracker, the biggest upgrade The Fitbit charge 3 has compared to its predecessor is the large screen, which is about 40 % larger now, with a rectangular shape and a better, more streamlined band.

It'S also lighter and thinner, despite being bigger, looking pretty sleek on your wrist and combined with its aluminium build, you can wear it even with business attire if you want to keep a check on your heart rate and notifications without looking at your phone, the larger screen Makes a large difference here, and it's also not just bigger. It - can now handle full touch capabilities complete with swiping and tapping thanks to the screen size. You can also read the full notification without having to scroll and you can see two apps.

At the same time, however, it isn't a color display, so don't expect photos or stunning visuals. It displays texts and apps with a combination of sixteen shades of grey. But it's enough considering that this is a fitness tracker and it's equipped with a wide range of features for the purpose. The Fitbit charge 3.

Is the perfect fitness tracker for a wide range of sports now, even for swimmers, as you can fully submerge this device comfortably for swimmers, it also has the new swim workout, those full stats for the activity and the updated run, feature pauses and starts the tracker again. When you're stopping and starting while it doesn't have GPS in corporate to the tracker itself, it uses your phone data to accurately put out every possible stat, combined with its spo2 and heart rate sensor. This tracker will even improve your sleep, showing you insightful data about it and may even help you prevent or detect sleep apnea. If you're reading into the stats a must consider fitness tracker.

3. Samsung Galaxy Fit ( See Price )

at number three, it's the Samsung Galaxy Fit as far as fitness, trackers go.The Samsung Galaxy Fit is the perfect one for Samsung smartphone users, as its name implies. It'S not only just for them, though, as it delivers plenty of features like the accurate fitness tracking tools and precise heart rate monitoring sensor. On top of that, it has a great display, an intuitive interface, a lightweight body and streamlined design at an affordable price. A Samsung Galaxy Fit adopts on design tricks from the company's gear fit to pro, but in a smaller fashion, it has an aluminium body that measures 1.0 by 0.72 by 0.44 inches fitting perfectly onto most wrists, and it looks like a nice and sleek bracelet with a Weight of just 0.8 ounces in total, you can comfortably wear this device throughout the day without feeling any kind of discomfort.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit is available in two paintjobs black casing, with a black silicon band or the version with a silver case combined with the white band. Both look excellent and you can't go wrong with either of them. One of the strongest points of this SmartWatch is it's amazing, 0.95 inch OLED panel, that's coloured and boasts a resolution of 120 by 240 and ten brightness settings that you can choose from everything displayed on this display has plenty of detail and the text is readable.

However, it doesn't have an ambient light sensor and therefore doesn't have automatic brightness settings but would come in handy during exercise. The Samsung Galaxy Fit does a perfect job of tracking activities and it excels for tracking swimming running and cycling, delivering insightful stats and results from your recent workouts combined with the Samsung health app and it's accurate heart rate monitor you can track it at all times. So you have a better understanding of your general health. It has perfect features such as stress, tracking and sleep tracking, while the stress results may not be the most accurate, they give you a general idea about when you're tense and need to relax, taking everything into consideration.

This fitness tracker will be the perfect tool for Fitness lovers and especially Samsung owners.

2. Amazfit Bip ( See Price )

at number two. It's the Amaze Fitbit the Amaze Fitbit fitness tracker has built a great name for itself in recent times, with its amazing set of features, beautiful Apple watch design and a pretty affordable price. It'S the perfect companion for your fitness journey with a lightweight design. Accurate heart rate monitor decent display and GPS features.

It'S an amazing must consider fitness tracker. The biggest selling point of this watch is its resemblance to the Apple watch, rocking pretty good aesthetics and will blend in with pretty much any attire. The soft silicon straps on this device are extremely comfortable and I found they fit perfectly onto most wrist sizes.

It's also worth mentioning that it's pretty lightweight weighing just 1.ounces in total you'll. Even forget it's there, however, despite being lightweight and affordable, this tracker has a great build quality and durability with its polycarbonate matte plastic body and 2.5 D. Corning Gorilla Glass touch screen it'll make this watch last a pretty long time before giving up it's also IP 68 rated, so it'll withstand the elements without any problem.

Surprisingly, the Amaze Fit pip is equipped with a wide range of sensors, including three axis accelerometer, GPS GLONASS barometer and a nice compass to complete the package. It'S fitted with a nicely operating system that works in sync, with every smartphone, Android and iOS.

In addition to that, unpretty amazed with its interface, which was extremely intuitive, its intended features, deliver their promise successfully tracking your activities with its GPS, pedometer and heart rate, monitor as they record every stat, including your pace and heart rate, and you can accordingly set goals for Your fitness, this device boasts an astounding battery life of about 45 days with medium use and in my testing it delivered it comfortably one of the best fitness trackers in the market, delivering pretty much everything you may need from a SmartWatch and even more.

The manufacturer has promised a 45-day battery life with regular use, which the amazed Fitbit SmartWatch delivers it's the definite best for the budget, buyer and the financially conscious buyer because of its value.

1. Garmin VĂ­voactive 3 ( See Price )

at number one it's the garmin vivoactive 3. The Galman vivoactive 3 is the most versatile fitness tracker. You could find as it's not just that it can track your heartrate show notifications, deliver advanced stats about your health can be worn. Virtually anywhere offers.Contactless payments has on-board storage for music and tons of other features.

The possibilities are endless here, however, it comes at a hefty price, but if you want the best, it's well worth the price you're paying for it. First off the garmin vivoactive 3 is available in two paint: jobs, black and granite blue, which both look excellent and beautiful. It has a simple sports watch, look that most of the people dig and I like the silicon straps of the device, as they look premium, come in a twenty millimeter size that fits onto most wrists.

The watch also weighs just 43 grams in total, so you can carry it comfortably throughout the day and what surprised me the most was its stainless steel body which tends to add to its weight. The screen has a diameter of 1.2 inches and displays a good amount of details with its 240 by 240 resolution. It'S not as bright as most of its competitors that sport OLED displays.

However, its color transflective screen doesn't drain the battery and you can easily read in direct sunlight. It also packs a nice feature that turns the backlight on when you flip your wrist up and turns it down when you return it to the original position. As a proper fitness watch, the garmin vivoactive 3 tracks a wide range of workouts and is built for the fitness lovers. You can choose your workout from the apps menu and you can easily pick your favorite ones for easy accessibility.

There were tons of workouts there from running swimming weights - skiing, even golfing, and if your activity is not there, you can create your own easily. You can set alerts for your health, for example, when it hits an extremely high rate, and the vivoactive 3 also has GPS and storage for your music all integrated. So you don't have to keep your phone on you when you go for your morning, jog, taking everything into consideration this fitness tracker. Does it all and correctly at that, the absolute best in its class thanks for watching.

I hope you liked the article about best fitness trackers for cycling, if you found it helpful, please remember to leave a like and subscribe to my blog to see more articles like this in the future. If you have any questions related to these products, you can leave a comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 

Best Security Cameras For Home Outdoor | Top 5 Indoor and Outdoor

Hello, guys in today's article we're gonna check out the best security cameras for home outdoor. I made this list based on my personal opinion and are trying to list them based on their price-quality durability and more to find out more information about these home security cameras. You can check out the links below in the page.

Now if you are a video lover we have compiled a slide show video for you where you can see all these cameras which we have selected for you. just look at the video and you will find the links in the description of vide or you can check them here on this article. Click this link to see the video about Best Security Cameras For Home Outdoor.

5. Amazon Cloud Cam (See Price)

At number 5. It's the Amazon Cloud cam home security cameras are all the hype right now. There'S more and more people are worried about the security of their houses because most of us leave our houses alone for the majority of the day.

As a result, a large number of companies have started producing excellent designs that will fit into the idea of a smart home. The Amazon Cloud Cam is the best indoor security cam you can get, which is easy to install and incorporates instantly with your smart home products, especially Amazon ones. On top of that, it's filled with tons of interesting features. This cam will fulfill all your needs when you first take a look at this device.

It isn't anything exceptional as it looks like any other home security camera with its cylindrical body, with a diameter of 2.4 inches and the lens in the middle of it. It sports an all-white look except for the lens and the Amazon logo and overall I can say that the camera looks very nice and not intimidating by any means. In this package, you'll find a three-meter, USB cable, which is used to power the device directly from an outlet.

Despite rocking a cheaper price tag, the Amazon Cloud cam is up to par with other high-end home security cameras with a resolution of 1080p at 30 frames per second, with a field of view of 120 degrees, diagonally, you'll notice, every detail in live and recorded footage as Everything looks sharp on a top of this: the dark areas, the room looked clearer compared to the competitors delivering a pretty solid performance. Colors are not its strongest point, but they are acceptable, but the night mode was excellent. With its eight infrared LED lights, the smartphone app of this cam will be very handy as it lets you change the settings of the motion, detection features, and the notification settings. It'S also equipped with the CHEO fencing feature.

That'll turn the cam on or off, depending on your location, and on top of all this, you can select specific zones in the field of view to not send you notifications for movement.

 4. Wyze Cam Pan (See Price)

At number. Four, it's the Wyze Cam, and if you want a decent security camera for your home, but don't want to spend a lot. Then your best option is the Wyze Cam, an delivering excellent value. Despite being priced the fraction of its competitors, it delivers excellent video quality.

That goes hand-in-hand with amazing, sound quality, that's loud and recognizable, an if' triple T, automation, smoke and CO alerts and many more features that'll. Surprise you one of the best security cameras that will fit right into your smart home. Unlike most security cameras in this list, the Wyze Cam and comes in a long rectangular shape measuring 5 by 2 by 2 inches, which is nice on it's all white plastic body, except the black lens part on the bottom of the device, you'll spot, a 2-inch disc. That lets you rotate and pan the camera 360 degrees, as its name implies, and on top of that it can do that automatically when it tracks motion.

In addition to that, inside the black lens, the camera can tilt horizontally and vertically and a 90 degree range, which is excellent on the body. You'Ll also spot an LED indicator to show that the device is active and working or when it has a problem and the light sensor, which does a great job on the back of this model. You'Ll locate the USB type, a port for connecting the device with otherwise cameras and the speaker on the bottom you'll spot. A micro, SD slot, a setup button, the micro USB power port and a microphone inside its package.

You'll find a six-foot USB cable for power and a power adapter, so you can plug it into an outlet. The camera delivers excellent safety features like sound detection, motion, detection, smoke, detection and co level detection. Besides, this you'll also find the motion tracking and the time-lapse recording features that are excellent. To create beautiful footage for storage.

You can accommodate a microSD card and you can make use of its 14 days of cloud storage which can be further upgraded. The camera delivers excellent footage with 1080p resolution at 15 frames per second and with a field of view of 120 degrees. The night mode is also excellent, providing clear footage of what is happening and the faces are also detectable at NOAA 3. It'S the canary all-in-one, our homes are becoming smarter every day, making everything easier in the process, so it would be wiser to invest in devices that would complement other devices and will be compatible with the system where it comes to home security cameras.

 3. Canary All-In-One (See Price)

None is better than Canary All-In-One home camera system, with its monitoring features that include air quality, temperature, humidity, motion, and sound. It would fit right in and on top of that, the excellent video quality and amazing night vision modes just take things into another level. Design-Wise, the canary all-in-one doesn't look like a security camera. In my opinion, it looks like those air freshener devices that spray sense into a room.

However, this may be a positive thing, as no one would suspect anything about it. It has a cylindrical shape, measuring 6 inches in height and about 3 inches in diameter, and it's extremely light at 0.87 pounds in total on the front of the device you'll spot a black panel that houses the camera lens. That provides a resolution of 1080p with an amazing 147-degree field of view, with its three times: optical zoom and 12.

Infrared LEDs to provide accurate footage for Tim Lee lit rooms on the back you'll spot, the Ethernet port for a secure internet connection and a power port. You have to download the companion app for the canary and for households with multiple people. You can set it up for monitoring from multiple devices. The device works in three modes.

First mode is a way mode. This records all motion and sends alerts at all times when all members of the family are not at home. The second mode is the home mode. It activates when all the members are in the house and you can either let it record and not send notifications or turn it off entirely.
The night mode is the third and activates in the set times it'll send you notifications when it detects movement. Apart from that, you can set the motion, sensing sensitivity through a range of 11 levels, combined with its amazing smart features. The Canary all-in-one is a true all-in-one for your smart home.

2. Ring Spotlight Cam (See Price)

At number two it's the ring spotlight cam ring, may not be the most popular name when it comes to the home security cam market.

However, this is a brand that produces high internet-connected tech doorbells and it's carried its prowess into security cameras with the ring spotlight cam. Despite the new to this market, the company has done a pretty good job with this product, as one of the easiest to set up record suspicious movement delivers notifications about the issue and has tons of other security features that make it a fan. Favorite. First off this camera rocks a super high-quality build on its durable body, and on top of that, it also has an IP X, 5 rating.

So the wind and rain won't bother its functionality, resulting in a perfect camera for outdoors. The device has an upright rectangular shape, unlike most of the security cameras in the market that rock cylindrical looks, and on top of this, it comes available in both black and white. However, I like the different look as it delivers a clean and modern appearance. Also, the county is now owned by Amazon, so the quality is excellent, like always in the package of the device, you'll find a 20-foot power, cable, that's plugged into a standard power outlet.

Besides that, you have a step-by-step instruction manual, that'll help you complete the task, and you also have the complete kit for installing the device with mounting brackets screwdriver a drill head screw anchors and cable clips. It's a great smart home device that works hand-in-hand with your smartphone and he also has Alexa support in the smartphone app interface. You'Ll, locate a large number of features, as you can watch the live, feed recorded clips and even use the two-way microphone. If you want to use the device as a doorbell, the quality of the footage is excellent, with sharp details and good color everything is recognizable.

However, its best quality is the 140 degree. Field of view makes a perfect microphone that picks up voice even from a distance with exemplary quality.

1. Arlo Pro 2 (See Price)

At number one it's the Arlo Pro to Arlo is the most popular and most prominent brand when it comes to home and offer security surveillance systems and with the Pro 2: it hides all the sweet spots, this product, essentially refines and upgrades its already exceptional predecessor, with some fine details and some interesting features to make it the best. It may have a high price tag. However, if you're concerned with security you'll be comfortable with the pro2 every single time, unlike other home security cameras on this list, this particular model utilizes a base station to work which delivers some interesting advantages.

For example, the wireless system is more efficient for the cameras, as you can connect the base straight to the router and it channels it signal to the cameras to ensure that they get the accurate bandwidth. Besides that, the battery life of the cameras is improved significantly lasting about six months before needing another set. One of my favorite features of the base is the extremely loud 120-decibel siren alarm for deterring burglars, which may prevent stolen goods and has a multitude of advantages. The low pro 2 is equipped with the normal features that are present in every home security camera, for example.

The motion and sound detection features night-vision and two-way audio. In addition to those, it has a set of advanced features that make it special, like the geo, fencing, and scheduling, features to deliver you excellent freedom. When setting up your system, some cameras incorporate these features. However, this system executes them with zero mistakes and so smoothly out that the brightness slider is also great for adjusting the vision to get the best footage.

However, these make the pro 2 a little more complicated, but after learning its tricks, you won't go back to a simpler system. The camera delivers excellent, Full HD 1080p footage with seven days a free cloud storage which you can expand further if you want, but it'll cost a subscription. If you want the creme de la creme of the home security systems, there's no better way to go than with the arlo pro 2. To conclude, I'd like to state that you definitely cannot find a better security camera system on the market.

Should You Buy iPhone 11 or iPhone XR

What'S up guys, my name is Brennan and fresh off the heels of the annual September Apple event, where we saw the new iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro max announced. I wanted to do a quick comparison between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 10. Are and answer some questions you may be having ahead of the iPhone 11 launch so in this article, we're gon na be comparing the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 10 are in terms of specs pricing and also answer two important questions that you guys may be.

Having number one is it worth updating to the iPhone 11 from the iPhone 10 are and number two? Is it worth updating to the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 10 are if you're looking to purchase from like an iPhone 10 and iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, or maybe even an older phone, which one of these two should you update to after the iPhone 11 gets Released so first of all, this is a dummy non-functional iPhone 11 here and this, of course, there's the product red iPhone. 10 are now. I will be getting the real iPhone 11 on launch day, of course, and I will be doing a very similar article to this, but I wanted to get this one up before the phone actually goes on sale, so you can hopefully make a wise purchasing decision. So let's go ahead and get into the comparison, and these two phones are very similar, but some of the differences are pretty big differences.

Now, when you look at these two phones from the front you're going to notice that they look exactly the same and that's because they are, we have the same exact 6.1 inch liquid Retina display. We also have these same resolution at 1792 by 828 at 326. Pixels per inch now this is an LCD display, but it is a very solid LCD display.

I talked about this last year with the iPhone 10 are just because it's not an OLED panel does not mean it's bad. It'S the best LCD display I've ever seen on a smartphone, and it's just very, very solid. Now, in terms of the internals of these phones, the iPhone 11 is going to have Apple's new a 13 Bionic chip, whereas we had the a 12 ionic here in the iPhone 10 are same as the 10s and the 10s Macs and, of course, the a 13 Chip and the iPhone 11 is going to be faster than the a 12 chip found in the iPhone 10. Are I don't know how noticeable it's gon na be? I will be doing a speed test here on the channel, so definitely subscribe.

So you don't miss that speed test, but usually year over year you will notice a big difference in both CPU and GPU, and it seems this year the GPU is going to be a bigger improvement than the CPU. Now we do have the same notch. However, we do have a new can under there on the iPhone 11, so the iPhone 10 R has a 7 megapixel camera, but the iPhone 11 is going to have a 12 megapixel front-facing camera. So you are going to get much better video and picture from the front-facing camera you're also going to be able to shoot slow-mo video in 4k from the front-facing camera, which is pretty cool.

You can also rotate the phone to the side to take wider angle. Selfies. You could shoot 4k slo-mo, video from the front-facing camera and other small improvements to that front-facing camera, which will probably be pretty noticeable once you've compared the two in person. Now, if we flip these phones around to the back, we are going to see a pretty major improvement to the cameras on the rear side.

So, of course, we are going from a single camera on the iPhone. 10 are to a dual camera on the iPhone 11. So, on the iPhone 11 here we do have a dual camera setup with a 12 megapixel wide-angle and a 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens. So when we saw the demos on stage, you do get a lot more photo in the ultra wide shots.

You get a lot more like of an image when taking those ultra wide shots, which looks really great reminds me of the Samsung, the s10 and the note 10. You also have lots of new animations in the camera app and just overall, it looks like a very solid upgrade when it comes to the camera even coming from the previous generation. The iPhone 10 are and you're also going to get some exclusive features in the iPhone 11 that are not found in the iPhone 10 are, and one of those big features is called deep fusion, and this is where the iPhone 11 camera takes. Nine pictures and stitches them together to create a more detailed and less noisy image.

So, basically any time you take a picture with the iPhone 11, it's actually gon na take nine pictures and stitch them into one. By the time you press the shutter button, which is really really impressive, you're gon na notice a big difference in a camera quality and video quality. We'Re also gon na have a night mode feature in the iPhone 11 where it takes. You know pictures that were taken in the dark and it makes them much brighter, while maintaining good quality still.

So this is a feature similar to what we've seen with Google's a night sight feature that we see in the pixel phones. So we'll see how this compares to the pixel phones and when it comes to battery life, the iPhone 11 is going to get one hour more. A battery life than the iPhone 10 are got which the iPhone 10 are already got very solid battery. So even just an hour of additional battery is a nice upgrade here for the iPhone 11.

Of course we will be testing that with a battery test, but it does seem promising. We also have new colors, which are green and purple for the iPhone 11. That is, of course, in addition to black yellow red and white, which we had with the iPhone 10 R. And, of course, the price of the new iPhone 11 starts at just $ 6.9 and that's compared to 749, which is what you paid for the iPhone 10 R at launch. However, the release of the iPhone 11, of course, did cause the iPhone 10 R to be reduced in price down to $ 5.99, which is a fantastic price. If you are looking to update to one of these two so yeah, the main differences between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 10 are are an additional camera sensor, which you see right there, which improves photo and video quality tremendously.

We also have faster internals with the new, a 13 Bionic chip. We have better battery life and we also have two new colors, so those are actually some pretty major components of a phone and that's why. I think that upgrading from the iPhone 10 R to the iPhone 11 makes sense. So if you take a lot of pictures or videos, I would definitely upgrade from the iPhone 10 R to the iPhone 11.
However, if you're wanting to update from the iPhone 10 R to the iPhone 11, only because of performance and battery life, maybe you don't care too much about the camera or the video. I think that you should hold off until at least we see the 20/20 iPhones. I mean the iPhone 10 R is still a beast of a phone. This is still a super fast, a super capable phone with really good picture, taking abilities, video taking abilities, even though it has one camera.

It is still a beast performance, wise everything. So I would definitely not upgrade if you do not care a lot about the cameras and just as a side note, if you did want to use apples, trade and program, you can't trade in your iPhone 10 R to get the iPhone 11 for 329, which is Cheap but again it's not worth it unless you just want that better camera and video, like are you willing to pay 330 dollars just for camera, upgrades again, that's up to you, but I personally would not do it now. On another note, if you're looking to update to either the iPhone 11 or the iPhone, 10 R and you're coming from an iPhone 10 or older, your decision is going to be a little bit tougher again. It'S got to depend on a lot of different variables and I will make more videos specifically show update from a specific phone to another specific phone once I get the iPhone 11 here in the studio, but I still want to briefly discuss this in this video before The new iPhones go on sale, so if you have an iPhone 10 and you're going to the iPhone 10 R or the iPhone 11, the first thing you're going to notice, is the OLED panel going to LCD, so you're used to an OLED panel you're going to Be downgrading in terms of the quality of the screen because you're going to be going to an LCD display.

Now, if you have an iPhone 8 plus or older, you never had an oled display. So the displays on the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 10 are will be a major major upgrade videos and everything will just look much better than they did on your iPhone 8. Your iPhone 7, your success, whatever you had, but the camera and the performance upgrades are going to be major, no matter what device you're coming from the older, the more noticeable the differences are going to be in the camera for sure. Now the difference in the iPhone 10 are and the iPhone 11 is nothing major, but neither is $ 100.

So if you care at all about pictures and video, I would advise those of you with an iPhone 10 or older, who are looking to update to go with the iPhone 11 over. The iPhone 10 are again that's only $ 100 difference, even just for improved battery life and performance. I think the iPhone 11 is worth it over the 10r again just $ 100 you're gon na notice that difference and they're gon na be glad that you went ahead and did it so yeah there you have it. Those are my thoughts on the iPhone 11 compared to the iPhone 10 are, and if you should update or not depending on what device you're coming from.

So if you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and, of course, leave a comment down below. If you agree or disagree with me on any of the points made in this video and of course they tuned to the channel from when I get the actual iPhone 11 in the studio, I will have a ton of videos and comparisons coming up on all of The new iPhones.

Google Nest Hub Max Review 2020

Google'S smart speakers and displays are some of the best on the market and the nest hub, maxes its latest option. It brings a bigger size, better speakers and a new feature too, but is it worth two hundred and twenty nine dollars? Let'S take a closer look thanks for watching nine-to-five Google be sure to hit the like button subscribe and enable notifications, so you'll miss our latest uploads. The nest hub max looks a lot like last year's nest hub, which was originally called the home hub.
This time around, though the product is much bigger with a 10-inch display that makes it better for movies and YouTube videos as well as recipes in the kitchen. The bigger footprint also makes room for better speakers they're louder and clearer than what you find on the nest hub and a dedicated woofer on the back means that the low ends are pretty good too. Of course, all of Google assistance standard features are here too, including smart, home controls, music and podcasts, and much more, if you can do it on a Google home. It works here.

But the real standout feature on the nest hub max is its camera. It works for duo, video calls, of course, but it's also used for a feature called face match. This can recognize your face and those in your household too and customize the experience and provide reminders when you glance at the device it makes the assistant very proactive and also helps if you have multiple people on the same home, instead of just relying on voice match. Facematch can also be used when displaying personalized content.

Now, if the camera concerns you from a privacy angle, it can easily be turned off, along with the microphone with a physical switch on the back of the device, there's also a toggle in the software that lets. You turn off the camera alone, but it would have been nice if there was a physical slider that covered up the camera. Now, Google also makes it possible to use the nest hub max as a nest security camera. But it's really far from ideal.

The angle of the camera means it can't see the floor and the lack of an IR light means it can't see in a dark room at all. Now is the nest hub max worth $ 229. We'Ve got more details in our full review on 95 linked in the video description, but I can say it's definitely worth it for a lot of people.
Of course, the smaller nest hub is also often on sale. So it's all a matter of what features you value most and how much you want to spend. 

Difference Between i3 i5 i7

I love Intel as much as anyone. They make cool products, they engage in lots of community stuff and I mean heck they are, even a major sponsor of a lot of companies, but when it comes to confusing product naming schemes. I think core. I3, Core i5, Core i7, takes the cake and what is the difference between i3 i5 i7.

I mean great question: what is a core i7 4790k? What the heck does all of this even mean we'll get to that, but first a bit of background about why we need product names for processors, wouldn't it be simpler to just label them with how many gigahertz they run that and call it a day, simpler.

Sort of but at times, actually even more confusing. For example, when the Pentium 4 launched an equivalently clocked, Pentium 3 was actually faster because it could do more work with each cycle. As a customer, I would expect the product with the higher number to be the better one, and therein lies the problem. Not all megahertz and gigahertz are created equal and rating products.

That way is about like reading the performance of a car based on what RPM the engine runs at. It's not actually a real indication of how fast the processor is, but it happened now, one of AMD's attempts to move away from this started in the early 2000s, with their PR or performance rating naming scheme where their processors were given a four-digit model number. That enthusiasts believe was based on the performance and he felt that they delivered compared to an Intel CPU of that clock speed. But this fixed nothing.

They were still indirectly naming according to clock speed and it wasn't until Intel introduced the core series, a line of CPUs that dramatically outperformed their predecessors at much lower clocks that the megahertz war ended because Intel needed to shift their marketing away from frequency.

So here's what we have today other than the very bare-bones Pentium SPUs, a core i3 - will be your most basic option with two processing cores and hyperthreading more about this feature here for better multitasking. It will have a smaller cache. It'll consume less power. It will generally perform a worse than a Core i5, but it'll cost less, which leads us to the core i5. I wish I could say it was as simple as well core i3s have two cores and Gorai fives have four cores.

The number of cores equals n-1, where n is that I'm after the little eye? But it's not mobile core i5s have two cores and hyper-threading, while desktop ones mostly have four cores and no hyper-threading, but what they all have in common is improved onboard graphics and turbo boost more about this feature here for temporary performance enhancements. when your system needs a Little bit more and with mph, in mind core i7s number one, all core i7s have hyperthreading for heavy workloads at number.

[su_box title="Also Check" box_color="#00bf08"]Here is a list of best mics for streaming go check it out now.[/su_box]

Two, that's the noise. Your brain is gonna make. As I finish my explanation here, a core i7 can have anywhere from two processing cores in an ultrabook all the way up to eight in a workstation. It might support anywhere from two sticks of memory, all the way to eight, and it can have a TDP anywhere from around 10 watts, all the way to a hundred and thirty watts.

So there's a ton of variety here and that's for a reason. Core i7 tend to have more cache, faster turbo boost, and better onboard graphics than the lower tier processors, and I guess other than that. The best summary I can give is this: a core i7 represents the best thing Intel could build for a given use case, with the biggest drawback being the higher price tag.

So when you boil it down, that's all the i-whatever numbers represent good, better best within a given segment beyond that on their own they are, pretty much meaningless. The numbers and letters afterward sort of means something if you use the guide from before, but the safest way to shop is to dig around in an arc and look at the features.

Core counts and clock speeds of the CPUs you're, comparing to figure out how they stack up with the good news being that, as long as you compare within one brand and within the same product generation, those metrics will actually mean something speaking of means. Fractal design is back buying up all of my advertising inventory for the sole purpose of making me do stupid, crap on camera for you.

Instead of talking about the great quality and clean Scandinavian design of their PC cases, power supplies and cooling products ronzo, I don't know who to be mad at this point, because it was you not properly posted.

Best Lenovo Laptop Under 35000 - The Best Option For You

Lenovo IdeaPad 320 ( See Price )

So here is the Best Lenovo Laptop Under 35000 and we have the Lenovo IdeaPad 320 as our pick for the best Lenovo laptop 2019. We also think that it is the best Lenovo laptop under $350. Measures fourteen point nine, five-point nine by ten point two inches and weighs just four point eight four pounds making it a fairly lightweight model.

best lenovo laptop under 35000

It's a great selection for students and we can say its best Lenovo laptop for students and anyone else who is always on the go this laptop 15-inch display has a maximum resolution of 1366 by 768 delivering incredible detail and brightness is the perfect option for those who enjoy playing games and watching movies.

SEE OUR LIST OF 5 Best Lenovo Laptop 2019

The redesigned chassis of this laptop has a very sleek and durable unibody in platinum gray it has a protective finish that protects against wear. So you can count on it to stand the test of time there's also a redesigned touchpad and keyboard which are extraordinarily responsive.

best lenovo laptop under 50000

There are two USB 3.0 ports an Ethernet jack and micro SD card reader that will let you transfer photos fast you will also have an HDMI port if you want to connect an external display at any point the powerful 2.4 gigahertz a3 70 100 u processor that this laptop uses combined with 4 gigabytes of ddr4 ram allows you to multitask smoothly and efficiently this is especially useful if you tend to have lots of web browser tabs open simultaneously.

Best Lenovo Laptop Under 35000 Features:

Some of the features of this laptop include its redesigned touchpad the larger and more responsive touchpad on this laptop makes it easier to browse the web and perform daily tasks.

4 gigabytes of RAM in this computer allows for unrestricted multitasking DVD drive the DVD Drive will allow you to watch your favorite movies and listen to music whenever you want.

[su_box title="PROS" style="default" box_color="#00bf08" title_color="#FFFFFF" radius="3" class=""]

  • Great resolution 1366 by 768 resolution of this laptop is surprisingly bright and clear for the price excellent keyboard design.
  • The keyboard in this laptop has a very intuitive and clean design with good spacing and a responsive.
  • Touchpad good audio quality this laptop speakers produce very clear audio even at higher volumes.

[/su_box][su_box title="CONS" style="default" box_color=" #dd0813" title_color="#FFFFFF" radius="3" class=""]

  • The five-hour battery life is a bit disappointing but certainly not the worst we've ever seen.


Priced at about 380 dollars the Lenovo IdeaPad 320 is the best Lenovo laptop under 35000 it offers quite a bit of computing power as well as a nice looking display.

Plenty of memory the semi-compact design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go it's a great choice for those who spend most of their time browsing the web watching movies and doing some light gaming.

best Lenovo laptop 2019