Best Acoustic Guitar Under 8000

Hello, guys in today's article we're gonna check out the top 5 acoustic guitars in the market for this year. I made this list based on my personal opinion and are trying to list them based on their price-quality, durability and more to see their price and find out more information about these acoustic guitars.

5. Taylor 110e

The Taylor 110e is more of an entry-level guitar which produces premium high-quality sound without spending a lot of money, while some people might find it a more of a beginner choice.

This guitar classifies as an excellent option for both beginners and professional players as well. Nonetheless, it can be suitable for just about anyone at any level to start off at the top. The 110 80 includes a solid Sitka, spruce top, which is standard for tops these days due to its all-around good qualities.

Considering that it's flexible, this guitar is surprisingly strong and produces a balanced range in terms of both tonality and dynamics.
Additionally, the combination of the Sitka, spruce top and s'appelle laminate back and sides will deliver you a balance of top-end clarity and snap from the Sitka top, along with a mid-tone.

The warmth of the mahogany esque s'appelle laminate, although it's not the same case with the neck. Considering that it's made from mahogany in this particular situation, mahogany is a great material for necks, so there's no doubt about the quality here whatsoever.

What I also like about this guitar is the bridge wood, since it's made from ebony, which is a great choice, considering that ebony is a hard and dense material which, as we know, helps to transfer the energy from vibrations of the strings into the soundboard to continue.

We also notice that the bridge saddle pins and not were made from to s, Q or tusk for your information tusk is a synthesized material. That'S made to replicate bone, which makes it a great addition because you can control the consistency in a synthesized material.

During our research, we notice that users were really satisfied and enjoyed the feel of the 110 ease fretboard. The prep board is made of ebony, which is typically seen most of the high-end guitars.

However, it may not be the same quality since there are different levels of quality, but again tailor is used in the best event. They can find it. To sum up, the Taylor 110 II is one of the few acoustic guitars that offer great value for the price. So we highly recommend you consider it and assure yourself of its quality at number.

4: Martin d-18

The Martin d-18 is one of the best dreadnaughts that simply shows what an acoustic guitar is able to do. There great sounding combo of the solid sticker, spruce top, and mahogany sides and back a smooth fingerboard, a bow nut and a saddle for improved intonation and, as you can see, we're talking about a high-end acoustic guitar that won't disappoint you in any aspect, to begin with. The d-18 consists of a solid Sitka, spruce sampled, with a fairly tight straight grain.

Additionally, the back and sides are constructed from solid mahogany, while the two-piece back is separated by a simple black bolt. Iran pinstripe both the back and front to join with tortoiseshell affect binding, which meets the pit guard and the soundboard binding is expanded with uncomplicated black and white tinted bolter on coach lining move it on the one-piece mahogany neck is satin finished, which is suited to the Body implying a dovetail joint and the fit and craftsmanship is first-rate to be more specific.

Each joint line and fixing is superbly finished, which means that martin's expected high standards of presentation are reached, if not better when it comes to the bridge. Well, it's made of solid black ebony and it has the 30 style belly with a drop-in saddle.

While the strings facing at the bridge is two to three sixteenth of an inch and the radius of the intonation compensated bone saddle is a flat feeling 16-inch when it comes to tonality well, this particular model of Martin dreadnought is known for producing more crisp and smooth Powerful yet controlled tonality than its predecessors reacting speedily with precision to the slightest change in dynamics.

If you play this guitar softly, the tone becomes gel Achatz and reasonable. Wonder if you pick it harder that top starts vibrating, giving an idea of how quality this guitar can be, while, if you strum, with all your force, a beautiful natural confining transpires at the top and the body is the limit of its volume capabilities.

Overall, the DA teens price may not be affordable for some, but if you have the budget for it, don't hesitate to purchase it because you'll be assured of its quality and performance and it'll last for decades until it's an antique but your children and your grandchildren.

3: Martin D-16RGT

like all other Martin guitars, the D 16. Our GT is a quality one that'll truly amaze, you in every aspect. So let's not spoil it all. In the beginning, we'll explain bit by bit I'll get into detail as we look at what makes this guitar so special.

As you can probably tell the Martin D, 16 r GT is a dreadnought acoustic guitar that boasts a solid Sitka, spruce top and East Indian rosewood. Back and sides which basically defines it as a classic Martin dreadnought guitar, the top is furnished with a gloss finish, while the back and the sides of Saturn, which really gives a great look to the overall aesthetics.

Additionally, the neck is solid, Spanish cedar. Now some of you may not be very familiar with the materials used and some of the terms used to explain it looked and appearance, but nonetheless, they are remarkably durable and modern enough to give you that premium feels that you're.

Looking for speaking of modern the D 16, our GT begins to deviate into non-traditional construction materials with its rich light, fingerboard, and bridge. The presence of rich light on guitars is kind of controversial among acoustic guitar purists, but nonetheless, it is more of an innovation.

In addition, the guitar ships with a Korean nut and tusk saddle, while the sound hole, is surrounded by a stripe and herringbone rosette. Thus the fingerboard and sides feature white binding.

Moreover, the Martin D 16r GT employs a solid headstock with chrome, enclosed tuners. So this sums up everything about this guitar's appearance, which you can see it's indeed a unique masterpiece that shines with elegance.

Now, when it comes to sound with the D 16, our GT you'll get rich growling bass, which is typical of a Martin dreadnought guitar. However, no matter how slight the differences, the D 16, our GT provides a more balanced and nuanced tone than a standard series cousins.

Moreover, the Martin D 16, our GT - does not include a pickup all on board, elect chronics. To conclude, the d16 it makes a great addition as an excellent instrument for guitarists, who want to move towards a more professional-grade instrument at number.

2: Yamaha FG800

If you've been searching for a decent guitar with high quality, a sound that comes at a reasonable price, then the Yamaha FG800 might be your right to option.

Let's get more into the details and reveal what's so special about this acoustic guitar. If you didn't know, the Yamaha FG800 is one of the best-selling acoustic guitars of all time, and that's not by chance. It'S due to its premium quality, sound, and remarkable construction. To begin with, this guitar comes in two versions: acoustic and acoustic electric.

So you might want to think carefully about what you prefer, but hopefully, at the end of this review, we'll make it clear about any doubts you might have when you choose the size. It comes as a dreadnought and a concert size either way, though no matter which one you choose.

It'S still win-win now similar to other guitars at this price range, the Yamaha FG 800 has a standard neck that feels comfortable and smooth. Well, the dreadnought piece originates with a solid Sitka, spruce top NATO back and sides, and a body that emphasizes a new scabbit bracing, making the top board more durable without reducing much of its ability to generate a great sound.

Additionally, the FG 800 boasts of sleek glossy finish black and white multi blind binding and a photo to show pickguard on the face to give it some personality.

Tonality wise, the sound is well-balanced, while the dreadnought shape executes the sound, particularly warm across the frequency range and especially in the lower and mid range. To be more specific. The FG series will ensure to the point that the sound quality develops as it ages, considering its price and sound quality.

You really get more value for your money. For your information, the headstock is adorned with a set of sealed diecast, chrome tuners that do their job. Very well as this guitar stays in tune. Meanwhile, there's a urea nut and saddle along with the standard rosewood bridge at the bottom.

So, as you can see, you'll be well assured, with everything to make you feel confident. Overall, if a decent, high-quality acoustic guitar is what you've been looking for and you didn't have the budget for it well mate. This is your answer due to the fact that the FG 800 offers a lot more value. Then it's extremely affordable price might convey and at number

1: Martin D-28

As we did a couple of reviews on Martin guitars, you surely know what to expect.
The d-28 is a masterpiece from the guitar itself is a unique design. That'S observed as a classic American design, with its own selling point to start off. It'S important to mention that all of the parts are complete. This guitar our Martin's own brand, while the D 28 has been selling since 1930, you can be assured of its quality.

That'S kept it going all this time. You'Ll know that this is a high-end guitar. Personally, I think the most eye-catching feature of the parts of this is the ebony fingerboard, and, although you might find this on cheaper guitars, you know that this will have better quality.

A higher density which differs from those others, while the back and sides are made of East Indian rosewood mahogany, is a far more popular material to be used in such areas.

Although you might find the parts a bit unusual, what makes this guitar really special is its construction now in terms of tonality, if you think of every acoustic guitar sound that ever sent to shiver down your spine roll them all into one, that's what you can expect From the d-28, what's really special about the tone that makes it different from others is for me personally, it has a balanced sound when it comes to physical play on this guitar.

You really enjoy it mostly due to the ebony fingerboard. I don't know if it's just me or other guitarists as well, but I personally prefer every fingerboards, because the balance between the ebony and the action on the strings is just excellent. Moreover, you definitely won't find any discomfort in playing this guitar up or down the neck.

It is a pretty effective Plex system, while there's no caching sharpness at all. If you combine that playability with a remarkable perfection of its tone, this guitar is as perfect as it can get.

To conclude, this guitar is mostly recommended for professional musicians, especially those who'll be working in high-end studios. But nonetheless, if you want to start off your learning guide with a perfect guitar, you can always use the d-28 and if you have the budget for it, don't hesitate to purchase it, because I assure you won't regret your decision thanks for reading. I hope you liked the article.