Best smartwatch for iPhone users

Today's article we're gonna check out the top five best smartwatch for iPhone users I made. This list, based on my personal opinion and I try to list them based on their price quality, durability and more.

I decided not to include any Apple watches in this list, because they obviously work well with iOS devices okay. So let's get started.

at number fiveit's the garmin vivo HR.

What I love the most about this smartwatch it's looks. You want a SmartWatch that looks like a normal watch.Your options are limited hybrid smartwatches such as the vivomove HR mix, the looks of a classic watch with smart functionality and should really be more popular than they are it's. Basically, a good balance, between those two worlds: the vivo move HR is available in either sports version with black and rose gold, FAQ and rosegold finishers and silicon straps or what Garmin calls the premium.

Options which are more expensive and coming either silver or gold-toned finishes with leather bands, a quick glance of the watch and you wouldn't think it's there but raise a wrist or tap on the lower half of the watch. Face and the thattouch-sensitive display will light.

Up showing you information on everything from the date to the weather to your day's calorie burn. It has a little semihidden screen on its front and that lets you read notifications, check, your exercise stats and even stress levels, Garmin, vivo8 char have an LED screen below its fascia. It'S a two line: a monochrome display that pops up when you double tap on the little display area or flick your wrist. If you're buying this SmartWatchto help you reach your fitness goals please keep watching the video because there are some better models for that when.

You record an exercise with this watch. You don't get a map if you route however the video move. Hr does record your distance, speed and scientific looking graphs of your heart rate. And pace.
There are no buttons on this watch. All interactions are done through the screen, swiping left and right will scroll through the different phases and you'll be able to tap on to show more information what I didn't really like about. This watch is that Garmin claims you'll get about five days of battery life on the vivo move, HR, which is a little less compared to some other hybrids that run longer some up two years, but with the vivo move HR you'repaying for that screen in battery juice overall, I would say that it's A pretty nice watch for occasional use, but not that great for running and working out.

number four. It'S the Fitbit Versa

remember earlier when I told you to keep watching the video for watches that are suitable for fitness and running the Fitbit Versa is one of them.
The first thing you'll notice about this smartwatch is that it looks very similar to. The Apple watches I'll leave that up to you to decide whether that's a good thing or not. I personally love the looks of, this SmartWatch and I'm sure you'll get a lot of questions about it.

From people, when you wear it, the Versa isn't only aesthetically pleasing but probably one of the most comfortable smartwatchesFitbit has made thanks to its lighter weight Fitbit claims.
The Versa is one of its lightest smartwatches. Yet, due to its ultra-thin anodized aluminum case and slightly tapered, an angled design, that been built to fit small or large wrists, however, this lightweight material does make, it feels a little cheap at times something to keep in mind if you're wanting, the Versa, to be more of alifestyle watch. And if you like, the weight premium, build of fancy watches on the left hand, side, the Versa, sports one main wake up or back button, while on the right there are two smaller pauses and finish workout buttons.

What do I like the most about this SmartWatch its screen? It has a vibrant colorful touchscreen, with a brightness up to a thousand nits, meaning that you can easily see the screen even underwater or in direct sunlight.
The best part is that you, don't even have to turn the brightness to the max to be able to do then have to turn the brightness to max. To be able, to do that I was impressed by that because. Not even my smartphone can do that. I have to turn the brightness to the max to be able to see the screen of my phone.

As I said, this is one of the best activity trackers, whether its running cycling swimming high-intensity; training that you want to track, there's a dedicated option. For this on the watch's exercise, app accessible as the first option in the main menu carrots this consists of the run bike, swim, treadmill weights interval, timer and workout to conclude. I say that the Versa is really comfortable, surprisingly nice-looking and fun to wear

at number three it's the Garmin vivoactive 3

this smartwatch is a very versatile smartwatch. The Garmin vivoactive 3 has a heart rate sensor: GPS tracking, a selection of built-in apps dedicated to keeping tabs on a range of sports activities from running and indoor cycling to skiing and snowboarding, even though it is mainly a fitness SmartWatch in SmartWatch, it has a lot of features it can brag about.

It features such as smart notifications, onboard payment system called Garmin pay, as well as both sleep and real-time stress tracking. It weighs 43 grams and it's made with the stainless steel casing. This means that the garminvivoactive 3 feels weighty enough to be premium, but as a normal watch, once it's strapped on silicon, strap, is flexible and very easy to get on and off once it's on. It feels secure and even after a run, swim or his class.

The garminvivoactive 3 screen measures. 1.2 inches and has 240 by 240-pixel display which is a size that suits a range of wrists both, big and small, and yet still serves up information. Without you having to squint, to see the stats, the display of this SmartWatch is always on, but dimmed backlight comes on when you flip your wrist up.

This is handy for quickly checking the time, but we found keeping that setting on mentor came on a lot during the night. However, you can customize whether it comes on or not about. This smartwatch is that it's not overfilled with buttons, some people are bound to love the minimal effect this provides others who are used. Two multifunctional sports watch with lots of buttons and dials may find it.
Lacking the watch itself is waterproof to up to50 meters, which is ideal if you're a swimmer and makes it easier to shower and wash up without worrying about taking it on and off all the time out, of that. The fact that the screen is CorningGorilla Glass, 3 and the case is made from. A reinforced polymer and you've got one durable device on your wrist that will withstand the most drooling of workout sessions overall Isay, it's a very nice watch for all fitness fanatics

at number Two:It's the fossil explore

its Jen for the fossil explorer astiz, a great-looking match borrowing, most of its design, cues from the. Previous third-generation model, at a glance, the watch resembles a traditional mechanical timepiece more than most of its SmartWatch rivals thanks to its large, flat glass front notch, bezel and crown style buttons, and crown style buttons. What I love the most about this smart Watch is that the QX Florist OLED panel is right at the forefront and it'spin sharp bright and colorful on other smartwatches. You can see the edges of the screen easily, but this is not the case.

With this model, the Q Explorerwrist OLED display is set to always-on by default and, with this in mind, all the watch faces also have thoughtfully designed, low-energy counterparts that appear after a few seconds of inactivity watch is available in five different colors and has a variety of straps made from different materials, whichever Model you, choose, though, you can use any standard 22 millimeter band to achieve the look of your choice.

The older versions of the fossil explore lack some features such as GPS, NFC, and heart rate monitor this new version, has all of them making this watch a much greater option for people that are shopping for a SmartWatch one thing that prevented this watch from getting the number one spot on this list is Its battery life, it has a much shorter battery life compared to its competition petition fossil claims that it can last for a full day that might be considered for some people, but if you forget to charge it just one night you'll be stuck with an ornament on your arm for the rest of the day. It'S also waterproof to 50 meters, so you can keep it on in the shower and use it to track your swims, although it has a built-in mic enabling you to use Google assistant there's no speaker, so you can't use the watch to take calls from your wrist moreover there's no 4G support. Which means you'll need your phone nearby oran own Wi-Fi network.

If you want to receive and respond to notifications overall, it has all of the aesthetic appeals you'd expect from a brand that specializes in fashion accessories and crucially. It includes all the features: a prospective SmartWatch owner should demand

at number one. It's the Huawei watch 2

the Huawei watch 2 is one of my favorite watches that I would recommend to everyone it's available in two versions sport and classic the sport option. Uses thermoplastic case with ceramic bezel and interchangeable.

Silicon straps that will endure the sweat of your workout classic. On the other hand, use stainless steel and comes with a theleather strap. This makes the classic model a few grams heavier than the sport version. It weighs around 60 grams so it's, still pretty light for its size, and it's barely noticeable.
When you put it on your wrist, the strap is comfortable enough, although it feels rather cheap you. Don'T have to worry, though, since the Huawei watch 2 straps are of the standard 20-millimeter variety feel free to replace them. If you want, the Huaweiwatch 2 has a 1.2 inch AMOLED 390 by 390pixel display, which is bright, and vibrant and perfectly readable, outdoors with good viewing angles.

It also comes with an ambient light sensor. To automatically adjust the brightness theHuawei watch. 2 is 2 crown buttons one for accessing your list of apps. The while second can be configured to act as a shortcut out of the box.
It'S set to access the workout app, so you can begin tracking wrongs or workouts neither crowds rotate, which is a shame since such a MAME. Since such a mechanism could possibly have avoided the problems, with the bezel and swipe gestures.

What are the key drawers of the Huawei watch? 2 is fitness capabilities, the wealth of features such as GPS, Bluetooth, 4G, and heart rate monitor means it's able to track a range of activities and workouts fire up the workout app and you can then select which activity you're up to run, burn fat, cardio, walk cycle, treadmill or another start, a Workout in the Huaweiwatch 2 will monitor your heart, rate workout intensity, duration, distance steps, calories, burned and location depending on the type of exercise. You'Redoing the while way, watch 2 comes packed full of features, and for that, we give the number one spot on our list.

Huawei has done a fine job. Cramming a lot of tech into a device which doesn't look out of place on your wrist. It'S not the most eye-catching design, but it also doesn't. Look like you've got a huge computer on your wristwatch.

That being said, I would recommend this SmartWatch to people that are looking for a SmartWatch that can do almost everything.