Eufy Security Camera Review

so today we're gonna check do eufy security camera review and check out the UV cam II, completely wireless security, camera setup, yeah, three different setups. They come with one camera per 229 and they have two cameras for 359 and then they have a three camera kit for 559 and then also they sell, upgraded or add-on cameras for one site on each. You can connect up to 16 cameras to the base.


So you can start out with one two three, you name it to get started with a kit and then you can add on as you need it. So I have two camera kit. It comes with two cameras and the base. They have two different style mounts, so the UFE cameras they have the magnetic mount which goes on the back side.

So you mount this on the wall or on them wherever you want, and then you mount the camera itself on the magnetic, and so now, with this ball mount or half ball mount. You can actually mount it to different angles or any angle. You want it's a pretty strong magnet, so I mean it's tough to remove. They also come with the screw mounts, so you can mount the screw mount on the wall and then you could take wherever with Scott squeaky, but you can kick this and then mount it any way you want so that ways a little bit more permanent.

It's up to you how you want to mount it, but I would say the easiest form would be probably the magnet mount now. I know some of you all out. There are gonna be like Reed, it's easy to go up there and take the camera off the magnet mount well. First of all, most people put these cameras out of reach, so you have to get an actual ladder out so yeah you could go, grab a ladder and go get the mount or get the camera off the mount.

But another thing that you fee provides you that most completely wireless camera kits. Do not is this thing has a sensor on it, the cameras each have a sensor on them. So that way, when it's a bolt, so hopefully I've been enabled if it gets a jar motion just to get it off the mount, then it's gonna go ahead and release 100-decibel siren on the actual camera itself. So that way, it can deter your robber as well as you will have them on camera.

Now, of course, you have the actual screw mount, so that could be a little bit more permanent. It's up to you! What map you want to use! They provide you both, which is really neat because there are other kids out there that don't provide you. You have to actually go by the axle screw mount. They usually provide you the magnetic mount.

So I wanted to talk a little bit more about the actual camera itself, so these are very solid and very well made. So the actual security camera itself or one of them at least it's got the logo in silver and the actual body is in white. It's actually not that hard to read, as you can see there, but in a different light, it reflects so the front of the camera. You have the actual camera 1080p camera and then you have the infrared and LED light indicators.

And then you have the speaker at the bottom here, the speaker, gray and microphone up hook, the zoom. That's probably underneath that when rotating to the bottom, you have a rubber pad. So that way, you can set this on a hard surface and on how it slides around then on the back. You have the sync button which allows you to sync it with the home base.

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Then you have to mount styles as we talked about previously this round. Mount style is the for the magnetic mount. Then it has the threaded mount for the screw mount for the camera mount you can use either or it's up to you on the preference there and then you have the actual power adapter here. So that way you can plug in micro USB and get it charged to the base you have an LED indicator, light right there, logo for the company, euphy security, then on the top.

You have the sync button. So that way, you can sync it with their cameras and your actual app. You also have the alarm off button, so that feature is nice. So that way, if the alarm is going off, you can actually click on the button itself and they'll turn alarm off.

The only thing I find weird about this is most likely you're gonna put this base somewhere. That's not near something convenient like your office or your bed, so you'll most likely be able to turn it off with your app on the back. You have the speaker, then you have the reset button here. Then you have the round power cord adapter and then one thing it's really nice is.

I didn't realize what the USB was for. I thought I was making for an external hard drive for storage. This is actually to speed or fast charge, your actual camera itself. So if you hook up the USB cable to this base when it's plugged into the wall - and it will speed, charge your camera itself, you can also plug in the camera itself to the USB into a wall war.
It just won't charge as fast at this. So you can choose whichever you wish to use, then you have the ethernet plug, so that way can connect to your network. And then you have the micro SD card slot. Now I didn't even realize this, but they actually provide you a 16 gig micro SD card.

They have this taped off and I didn't see anything in the box until I took the tape off and try to put one in, but it actually has a micro SD card, a 16 gigabyte that it comes with. So that's pretty neat. So the nice thing about the uCam setup is the base actually records to an SD card that is plugged into the actual base itself nothing's gone through the cloud or anything like that. They do have the option that you can add a cloud account.

I think it's $ 2.99, a camera. They do have that option if you want, but if you don't want to pay them extra money, they don't have any other features any add-ons or any thunk that all the features are in the camera in the base.

They are eras. Apart is one its 365-day on one charge. What's really nice about? That is that's what they're telling you it can go 365 days. That'S one year some of these pletely wireless cameras. They only go a few months. They say they go for six or seven or eight months, but they really only go about a couple of months.

So I can't wait, try these out, because if they can go 365 days on one charge, that's that's awesome. I don't have to deal with this for a year. Another great feature is these are ip65. What that means is they are totally they can keep it from dust free as well as it can take up to a water pressure, water spraying on it.

It doesn't mean that it can be submerged it's not quite I pee, I think, it's IP 66 or 67. We'Re like to be submerged for a few, like 30 minutes willing to bet that if these were submerged in water by accident, they would take it but they're, not rated for that they're just rated for rain, wind and island dust and all that third thing about these.

That'S really nice is they have smart integration with Amazon, Alexa, Google assistant and then, if this, then that so that way, you can actually trigger other things using if this than that, so if you get motion, you can then turn on lights in the house. If you get motion, you can send an email, you can name it with if this than that also Amazon, Alexa and Google assistant will also help integrate your smart home with this.